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1.8mm White Cord Kit 30 Feet

Price: $5.99

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Standard cord replacement kit components for blinds with 2 pull cords. 2 plastic cord tassels, 2 plastic cord stops, 2 plastic bottom rail plugs for 1/4" hole and 2 plastic bottom rail plugs for 5/16" hole. 1 threading tool. 30 Feet of 1.8mm white pull cord. 1.8mm cord is the size of the rim on a nickel. With a number 2 pencil wrap the cord around 7 times. And this should measure 1/2" when using a unworn cord. This is not exact but just a helpful tools. Or send me a sample of the cord with your email address. Watch my new repair video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K7NeeMAfTZo